(PDF) Quarry rehabilitation: A case study

A quarry is a surface mining operated place, which produces enormous quantities of gravel, limestone, and other materials for industrial and construction applications.

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2014-6-19 · See also ''Quarry Management'', February 2012, pages 9-12 • Largest surface mining company in UK • 3.5 million tonnes per year of coal • 9 production sites • 900 employees • Plant fleet: - 29 prime mover excavators 122 dump trucks 172 other main plant items

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2019-1-1 · "B2" Category Mine – 2.50 Hect. Form -1M 1.0 Executive Summary of the Project The Proposed Quarry Lease applied area of M/s Gonthalamma Granites, Mg.Ptr: Sri N.B.V.Kumar Raja, Road Metal and Building Stone, over an extent of 2.50 Hect. Which is located at Sy. No.01, of Marturu

Health and Safety Management System Template

2017-11-14 · Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016 Regulations 14, 16, 21: Quarry Manager The business must appoint a quarry manager to manage the quarry and supervise health and safety on every day on which any quarry worker is at work. The manager of a quarry must hold a certificate of competence. This

FIN 726, Mine Inspection Fee Return for Pit or Quarry

2016-12-15 · FIN 726, Mine Inspection Fee Return for Pit or Quarry Author: British Columbia, Ministry of Finance Subject: Mine permit holder must send the completed return and payment to Ministry of Finance for 2016 and subsequent years. Keywords "British,Columbia, B.C., taxation, tax, forms, FIN,726, inspection, fee, Mines, Act, pit, quarry, finance, Ministry"


2015-10-16 · engaging in mining/quarrying may apply for Special Quarry Permit within the mineral reservation and Sand and Gravel Permit outside of the mineral reservation but within the quarry zone. Section 2. Maximum Area per Application. The maximum area that an applicant may apply or hold at any one (1) time in any one (1) province shall be as follows: a.

CHECKLIST Application for Quarry Permit

2016-6-7 · PROVINCIAL MINING REGULATORY BOARD Lingayen, Pangasinan CHECKLIST Application for Quarry Permit MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS - Five (5) sets _____ 1. Application Form duly accomplished; _____ 2. Location Map of the applied area showing geographic coordinate(s) / meridional blocks(s) and boundaries in relation to major environmental features and other ...


2020-6-25 · Note: Forms are available on the DEP web site at dep.wv.gov – Select "Division of Mining and Reclamation", select "DMR Forms". All applications are to be submitted in 3-ring binders with all pages numbered in top right hand corner of the page. The DEP will upon receipt of an application, stamp received, enter into ERIS (state

Quarry Manager s Certificate of Competency

2021-8-20 · Quarry Manager''s Certificate – guide Page 2 of 2 Before a certificate can be issued, the candidate must pass the Mining Law examination and satisfy the Board of Examiners that he or she meets the necessary requirements set out in the Mines Safety and


2019-7-20 · case of granite quarry), method of extraction, bench parameters, environment management plan, progressive mine closure plan, scheme of mining etc. It also contains maps, plates and sections. 13 Who approves mining plan? The mining plan is approved by the District Geologist of the Department of Mining and Geology

Risk assessment workbook for mines

2015-11-5 · This workbook uses a simplified form of a Workplace Risk Assessment and Control (WRAC). It does not cover all hazards and the user should add those hazards not identified in the workbook. This workbook highlights the prescribed hazards from the . Mine Heath and Safety Regulation 2007 . and the. Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001.

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2019-12-18 · MB12 - Application to Record a Mining Claim in a Surveyed Territory PDF editable/printable form MB12 - English (instructions), MB12 - Français NOTE: This PDF is best printed on 8.5" x 14" (legal size) paper; MB13 - Application to Record a Mining Claim in Unsurveyed Territory PDF editable/printable form


2018-10-13 · mining or mineral administration after obtaining a degree or qualification required. Model Quarry Plan: The Quarry Plan shall be prepared broadly following the model format given in Form-W or Feasibility Report covering broad Geological and quarry aspects as the case may be. The Quarry Plan or Feasibility Report as the case

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Form 8B/ Issue 1/28 August 2006 1 8B Application to Discharge Contaminants to Air From Quarry or Mining Processes. PLEASE READ BEFORE COMPLETING THE APPLICATION FORM . In order for any consent application to be processed efficiently in the minimum time and at minimum cost, it is

08-4 Quarry Permit

2. The Permit shall be for the exclusive use and benefit of the Permit Holder and not, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of any other person whether natural or. juridical, and that the area covered by this Permit shall be used for the purpose. only of extracting and disposing the materials herein authorized; 3.

MGB Forms

2015-5-25 · Mineral Processing Permit. Application for Mineral Processing Permit. Ore Transport Permit. Sworn Statement of Apprehending Officer. Affidavit of Witness. Application for Accreditation as Dealer, Trader, or Retailer of Minerals/Mineral Products and/or by-products. Certificate of Accreditation.

Quarry Contractor Instr

2020-12-28 · 26.3 The quarry-only independent contractor permit is for work performed at quarries only and does not include working on coal mine property. 26.4 To register, all independent contractors shall provide the West ia Office of Miners'' Health, Safety and Training the following information on forms …

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2021-7-15 · Mining. literally means extraction.Our Mother Earth has lots of resources deep within her and mining is the method of extracting all these valuable resources from the earth through different means.There are different methods to extract these resources which are found in different forms beneath the earth''s surface.. Button

Document and Records Management Procedure template

2017-5-8 · Document Control Form The Form used to create or change a document. Document Control Number The number assigned to a document when it is entered into the document register as a controlled document. ... Hazard and Risk Register Life of Mine / Quarry Improvement Planning Records relating to the development and provision of strategic, corporate or ...

Linwood Quarry Mining Lease Proposal

2021-8-17 · The mining lease application document submitted by Boral Resources (SA) Ltd may be inspected via the following means: At the City of Marion Council offices (hard copy) Download the Linwood Quarry mining proposal (PDF 61 ) To arrange an inspection of the proposal at the Department for Energy and Mining phone 08 8463 3103

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MGB Form 1. Application for Small Scale Mining Permit to Contract and Dispose of Mineral Resources. EXPLORATION & MINING. MGB Form 05-1. Application for Small Scalle Mining Permit to Contract and Dispose of Mineral Resources. MGB Form 05-2. Exploration Permit. MGB Form 05-3. Outline for a Project Feasibility Study.

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2017-8-21 · 43. Records to be kept by Mine Manager 44. Manager to ensure duties are assigned to competent persons 45. Appointment and qualification of shift boss and mining foreman 46. Manager or mine captain not to act as shift boss or mining foreman 47. Duties of shift boss and mining foreman 48. Continuity of responsibility of manager and mine captain 49.

Notification of appointment of an SSE for a Mine

2019-1-14 · permit, an exploration permit or mineral development licence to be located at or near the mine. (3) If the officer only has responsibility for a separate part of a mine, the officer''s responsibilities and safety and health obligations under this Act as a site senior executive for a mine are limited to the separate part of the mine for which the

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2018-3-29 · quarry lease or quarry permit:– (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in these rules, the State Government may, by an order, declare that no prospecting license-cum-mining lease or mining lease or quarry lease or quarry permit shall be granted in any area or in respect of any minor

Safety Management Plan

2015-4-1 · This document is the property of Kalum Quarry Limited Partnership Mine/Operation Information A Mine is a place as defined under the Mines Act (RSBC 1996). The following list identifies basic information regarding the Kalum Quarry Mine: Mine Name & Contact : Kalum Quarry c/o Kalum Quarry Limited Partnership 14303 Highway 16 West Terrace, B.C ...

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2013-12-15 · • The limestone quarry was originally abandoned in the 1930''s after flooding from the Connecticut River ended all operations. The quarry site was neglected and filled with water, forming what is known as a quarry lake. A quarry lake forms when a quarry site fills with water. Since the water in a quarry lake is stagnant,

Mining Permit Application

2020-8-4 · mining site be equal to or greater than 5 acres? b. Will the vertical depth from the top of the mine face to the floor exceed 20 feet? c. Will there be on-site processing of mining products (eg. crushing, screening, washing) that requires an air permit? d. Will mining occur within 100 feet of a surface water body (eg. stream, lake) or wetland area?


2016-6-7 · 12. Other supporting papers as the concerned Regional Office/Provincial/City Mining Regulatory Board may require or the applicant may submit. Corp Indiv 13. Fees: Filing fee - Php 10,000.00 10,000.00* Registration fee of Articles of Inc. – Php 1,000.00 - Registration fee of By-laws - …